SSP Shared Support Services

Our SSP Shared Support Services provide the E&P Company with immediate and continuous access to resources, tools and expertise that make your support initiatives a success. Our services are tailored to organizations that do not want to be in the IT business by hiring and maintaining their own SAP support staff.

Independent E&P Companies have the same breadth of support needs as large, complex SAP users, but not always the same volume. Thus, they may not want to feel obligated to absorb the costs associated with keeping full time support resources on staff. The options companies typically explore are:

  1. Try to consolidate a group of part time tasks into full time roles; or
  2. Hire contractors at market rates when needed

Neither of these alternatives is particularly attractive – the first approach often results in poor service since few people can maintain high quality skills across a wide range of SAP disciplines. The second approach is costly, if you can find qualified resources when you need them at all.

The E&P Company is then faced with the following challenges:

  • Currently there is not one place companies can call for immediate access to resources to obtain support for SAP applications.
  • SAP functional and technical skills are scarce and difficult to find. Companies have to secure services from consultants who are expensive and whose knowledge is hard to keep within your organization.
  • SAP software is constantly changing requiring additional costs of training and re-tooling.
  • It is very difficult for staff within the organization to sort through all of the upgrades, software corrections, and general issues faced with supporting an application like SAP.

Through our SSP Shared Support Services, Independent E&P Companies can secure high quality support at significant cost savings versus these other approaches. We provide these services as Basic Support Services (e.g., providing all Level 1 and 2 application support) as well as Premium Support Services (e.g., providing the expertise required to complete a special project or an Acquisition).

The true differentiating value of SSP Shared Support Services is the unique combination of software and industry expertise that we bring to our clients. Our support personnel do more than just speak your language. Not only are they highly experienced SAP practitioners, but they also have years of industry and business experience. When you call for help, they work with your people in the terms they are most comfortable – talking about the requirements of the business, not just SAP tables and transactions.

Lastly, our approach is to share resources, tools and expertise as well as the cost of supporting your SAP applications across different SAP IS-Oil installations. This approach provides the following direct benefits to your organization:

  • Support staff with a depth of expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry and the IS-Oil modules.
  • You share in the cost of support resources reducing with other companies which reduces the high cost of contract resources to support your initiatives.
  • Shared services staff members have the ability to leverage solutions across all companies. This reduces the time it takes to resolve a critical issue instead of “reinventing the wheel”.
  • The shared services organization can better communicate with SAP to get results that are sometime difficult to pursue in-house due to lack of technical knowledge.

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