Project Support Services

Our Premium Support Services are designed to provide you with immediate access to resources and expertise to tackle larger projects. This eliminates the problem faced when having to find temporary resources to satisfy a specific requirement. Since your assigned Account Manager works with your organization on delivering all support services, securing Premium Support Services for a special project or extended support provides continuity to the support function. The Account Manager works with members of the team who may provide these services to make sure that there is service continuity, regular day to day business activities are not adversely affected by the introduction of new processes and that your unique business requirements are understood. This eliminates the issues faced when securing personnel that may not be as familiar with your unique business requirements and support needs.

  • Acquisition Project Support – Depending on the size of the Acquisition, the effort involved on adding new areas of business can be comparable to a small implementation. This may require specialized skills in system configuration or more detailed knowledge of the data dependencies in SAP. Our consultants bring their implementation and support expertise to the table to help you gain access to immediate skills to make your Acquisition Projects a success.
  • Support outside regular business hours – There are times when additional support may be required outside regular business hours such as weekends or late evenings. The support desk is open 24 hours so that you can gain immediate access to support whenever you needed regardless of the place or time.
  • Large Custom Development – Our premium support services provide you with high quality ABAP programming staff to complete large or special development projects.
  • Software Upgrades – These services allow you to gain access to resources when there is an SAP Upgrade or Service Pack Upgrade that requires a separate project team to be executed. Our consultants work with your team in the project planning, testing and implementation of the upgraded applications.
  • Spot Resources – There are times when you need a particular resource to work with your organization to provide specialized expertise and issue resolution. These may include the addition of new specialized SAP functionality, large business changes that require more consulting time, or just extended on-site support for a particular area of the business. Our consultants are available for extended consultations as part of our Premium Services for services above the forty hour of on-site support provided under the Basic Support Services.

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