General Support Services

Our basic support services cover all of the areas encompassed in providing general support for your SAP Applications.

  • Immediate Subject Matter Expert Consulting – Our consultants have a depth of expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry. Through years of experience working with many Oil & Gas Companies, consulting firms, and industry groups they are able to address issues quickly without your staff having to spin their wheels trying to find a resolution.
  • Research and resolution of critical close issues – Our team becomes an extension of your organization. We work with you during critical times of the month to ensure that issues are addressed and that your staff has the resources that they need to complete their tasks.
  • Documentation and coordination of SAP OSS messages – Because of our detailed knowledge of the SAP IS-Oil component we are able to serve as a liaison between your organization and SAP. We become your advocate and work to provide SAP with detailed information to reach a solution without delays.
  • OSS Note and application testing – Once corrections are delivered by SAP we conduct and document detailed tests in your Quality Assurance Environment to ensure that the issue has been corrected to your satisfaction.
  • On-going support of SAP applications – Our team is constantly working with your organization in a continuous support effort. Our support covers multiple areas such as SAP Financial, Controlling, Production Revenue Accounting, Ownership and Joint Venture Accounting as well as technical support (e.g. ABAP, Basis support). This end to end support ensures communication among different areas of the company. It also gives your staff the peace of mind of knowing that they can get support when needed even when it is not a critical time of the month. Some services included in this category include:
    • AOP Patch Testing and Implementation
    • Functional Testing
    • Individual consultations with members of your staff on business and software issues.
  • ABAP Programming Support – Our support services include ABAP programming for your customm development projects.
  • On-site support – Your assigned Account Manger provides up to 40 hours of on-site support per month. This can be used during close week or throughout the month as deemed necessary by your staff. Providing on site presence during critical times of the month allows for immediate support and communication.
  • Training and Documentation – We believe that training is an on-going activity that requires continuous attention for it to be successful. Our training services include on-site and off-site training sessions to provide your staff with specialized training in the areas of SAP Financial, Controlling, Production Revenue Accounting, Ownership and Joint Venture Accounting. This service ensures that your staff is current as the software changes over time or provides new personnel with the knowledge they need to start using SAP.

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