About Strategic Systems & Products Corporation

Strategic Systems & Products Corporation (SSP) is a professional services organization that provides Business Solutions to the Exploration and Production (E&P) Oil and Gas Industry. At SSP, we understand the needs of the Independent Exploration and Production Oil & Gas Company. Founded in 1998, SSP brings extensive industry expertise and knowledge of the SAP solutions to make your initiatives a success and help you realize a high return on your investment.

An SAP Channel Partner, SSP brings the value of SAP Oil & Gas solutions to small and middle size companies through our READYUpstream SAP solution.

  • Small Middle Size Oil & Gas companies are in a great position to exploit the benefits of SAP to better manage the challenges they face in a high risk business environment.
  • Large investments made by companies in this space require business integration and immediate access to information in order to be successful.
  • It is imperative for small and middle Oil & Gas companies to equip themselves with the technology and systems that will allow them to quickly capitalize on opportunities before they are taken by major Oil & Gas companies.
  • Access to key information such as pricing, prospects, production performance, and operating income are critical to sustain growth and profitability.
  • SAP READYUpstream is an easy and affordable way for E&P companies to quickly implement the SAP Oil & Gas solution.

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